Would you like less pain, stronger muscles, more energy?

Clever Movement aims to develop, enhance and improve the performance of the body, whether you’re doing the shopping or running a marathon.

I do this by teaching people how to move more effectively and efficiently, which helps the body withstand the effects of gravity, ageing, pain and injury, along with the stresses of everyday living, sport and exercise.

Research shows that although strong muscles are needed in life, just working them harder and for longer isn’t always the best way forward. Sometimes moving differently, or targeting certain muscles, is what the body requires.

Combining the specialist skills of musculoskeletal & sports physiotherapy, along with pilates instruction, Clever Movement is safe and achievable for anyone wanting or needing to look after their body.

I have worked with a great number of patients, clients and clinicians, which has given me an ability to easily recognise movement habits, errors and deficiencies. I have developed a variety of different ways to help people activate and strengthen the muscles needed to live life fully, no matter what their age or end goal.

No prior knowledge or ability is needed, just a willingness to have a go.

“I love Jane’s classes. She has enormous attention to detail and her weekly classes have not only made a big difference to my muscle strength but the way I think about sitting/ standing/ moving. Her instructions are very clear, even online. She’s also very thoughtful, calm, kind and funny. I  recommend her without hesitation.” – (TH)

“As a runner I felt I was fit until an acute episode of low back pain left me convinced I would never run again. Fortunately I was recommended Jane’s pilates classes. I was amazed at how quickly my back and whole posture improved and how my body confidence returned. Jane’s approach encourages you to listen to and tune into your body’s responses and I am now happily running again, and without pain.” – (BT)

“I have attended Jane’s pilates classes for over 3 years. I am over 80 and the aches and pain I had when I started have gone. I feel fitter now than I have for many years. Jane is one of the most gifted teachers I have ever known, not only are her classes enthralling, but it’s clear she is motivated by a deep care for the wellbeing of each of the participants.” – (DH)