For so many years I took physical moment & fitness for granted. But it doesn’t come with a lifetime guarantee. We all need to understand better how to move safely to avoid suffering with our backs, necks, shoulders and so on. Attending Jane’s pilates classes has meant I feel confident to keep sailing, walking, gardening and even to sit properly at my desk.


We call Jane the “body whisperer” in my family, as with her expert care and support I have been able to make significant progress with chronic back and neck problems, when other treatment options had failed to help.


With Jane you are really in the hands of a brilliant teacher and expert. Her teaching is so thoroughly researched and well thought out, and the class movements extremely well explained & taught. Jane creates such a warm and friendly supportive atmosphere. All ages and ability find her approach helpful. I’d highly recommend her classes.


I have absolutely no hesitation in endorsing Jane’s pilates classes in every way. They are interesting and very effective. Her sensitive nature and constructive personal input always ensures I leave the class feeling calmer, stronger and more supple. Her training and continued practice in physiotherapy gives her a much deeper understanding of the human body than the average pilates teacher and this is evident in the tailored approach which she manages to deliver classes to a variety of different ages in the class.

My pilates class with Jane is an absolute highlight of my week, and I have never enjoyed an exercise class before. Jane has taught me how to feel and understand how my body is moving. I have built strength, mobility and above all a much better understanding of healthy movements. She helped me both with a tailored physio programme but also with a deep compassion for the trauma of an injury, helping me deal with the psychological impacts of my knee not functioning properly. I highly recommend her classes and 1:1 support. Jane meets you where you are, in a non-judgemental, deeply insightful and incredibly supportive way.


“I never imagined, before I joined, that a Pilates class could become so important to my well-being. I’m now standing taller, moving more freely, and am generally more aware of my body and how to move well. I have learned so much from Jane, and am able to use her techniques to relax whenever I need. I look forward to the classes every week, and always come away feeling lighter and happier. Jane is able to run the class with a sense of humour which makes us all feel comfortable, and at the same time knows and cares for us as individuals. I cannot recommend highly enough.”


Jane is an exceptional pilates teacher. Her classes are well planned, varied and progressive. She is a very caring and thoughtful teacher. I have been with Jane for 11 years and cannot recommend her highly enough.


After several months of classes, I’ve noticed a significant improvement in my movements and general flexibility, as well as feeling fitter overall. Jane is an inspiring and thoughtful teacher, who gives clear instruction and the confidence to exercise safely.


I wish I had discovered Jane’s classes years ago. They have made real changes to the ease with which I now do so much, from gardening, to walking, to shopping.


Jane is wonderfully kind and encouraging, clearly explaining the science underpinning the exercises. She is rigorous and precise and has the knack of gently correcting the way you do a particular movement so that you can immediately understand and feel the difference. I recommend her classes without reservation.


I’ve never stuck to an exercise class before and yet here I am over a year later still attending Jane’s pilates class. In the classes your moves are checked, and Jane has eyes like a hawk. She is understanding of how busy people’s life are and that we all have aches and pains, and sometimes there is the need to just stop and rest during the class. I would really recommend her classes.



Really great classes, both online and face to face. Jane explains everything really clearly, both the purpose of each exercise and how to do it correctly and safely. She always offers different options to each exercise to accommodate different fitness levels or specific issues (eg. limited movement, arthritic joints). The classes are always fun, and have been a lifeline during the Corona virus lock down.