Clever Movement classes are designed to accommodate a variety of different abilities, from beginners to the advanced. Some people naturally move very well despite never having practised before; others develop faulty movement patterns as soon as an exercise becomes familiar. I aim to teach people how to recognise what movement is needed for health & well-being, how to correct poor movement patterns and ensure that people know how
to increase or decrease the amount of loading in each exercise, depending on what activities they need to do in life.

Two different class options are available :

1) Face to Face
2) A weekly recorded class, which can be used repeatedly (see below for more detail)

Face to Face Classes

Tuesday4.45pmOU Club, Mansfield Rd, OX1 3SZ
Tuesday5.45pmOU Club, Mansfield Rd, OX1 3SZ
Wednesday9.30amIffley Village Hall, Church Rd, Iffley OX4 4EG
Wednesday11.00amIffley Village Hall, Church Rd, Iffley OX4 4EG
Friday9.30amFlorence Park Community Centre, Cornwallis Rd OX4 3NH
Friday11.00amIffley Village Hall, Church Rd, Iffley OX4 4EG

Recorded Classes

Each week I record a class which follows the same exercises as the face to face classes, although with slightly more detail to ensure people can recognise poor movements and how to easily correct them. I also show how to increase or decrease the loading/ strengthening from each exercise, in order to make it harder or easier to do.

General information about the classes

• Classes occur all year round, in blocks of 8 consecutive weeks. The cost of a block of all class formats is £88.
• Booking, via email, is essential prior to starting.
• Completion of a registration form prior to starting is also required.
• Dress code for classes is whatever you feel able to freely move in. However, I do advise no belts, skirts or dresses for comfort and dignity reasons.
• You will need a mat, a hand towel and some socks for the classes. Thicker mats are more comfortable for floor work, but not essential
• All contact is via the website or email :