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I have thoroughly enjoyed Jane’s pilates classes which I have been attending regularly for the past 6 years. My strength and flexibility have improved substantially during that time. The sessions are always upbeat, varied and well paced. Jane’s connection with her clients feels warm and personal. I appreciate the fact that she understands our individuals needs and encourages us to modify the exercises accordingly. Lockdown has meant the classes have had to move online but this has not detracted from the enthusiastic way that we are all encouraged to challenge ourselves whilst being kind to our bodies.


Jane is very committed to helping people to age gracefully and well. Her huge experience is not just with the physical body but also the ‘mental game’, and how the relationship we have with our bodies and how our attitudes affect the performance of our body. Her attention to detail via very precise verbal instruction and detailed feedback is much appreciated. The pacing of her classes works really well, in that you have time to do every exercise properly, and for you to absorb what it is you are actually doing.


I’m a 41 year old tutor and climbing instructor. I’ve suffered with neck and back problems since my early twenties. Jane’s pilates classes have been the single biggest thing that’s has enabling me to keep climbing and instructing over the years. My core is so much stronger, making my body much more resilient to the stresses of physical activity. Jane is a truly excellent teacher, knowledgable, encouraging and expert in adapting the exercises to match the variable abilities of all her participants.


Jane was so encouraging after I broke my hip, giving me clear advice about when it was was safe to return to the class and what to attempt each week in the class as my recovery progressed. I appreciate Jane’s very clear instructions and demonstrations of each element of the exercise.


Clever Movement Pilates is a unique experience. Jane’s ability to guide people, to know their body’s strengths and current limitations, and then gently extend their capacities, is second to none. Through Jane’s classes I am aiming to defy the limitations associated with ageing for as long as possible.


I’ve have been going to Jane’s classes for over 10 years and she is absolutely brilliant. She has an ability to keep an eye on individuals while working within a class setting, and manages to combine exercise, relaxation and fun in her classes.


I started attending Jane’s classes after suffering with a herniated lumbar disc. The exercises in the class and self help techniques Jane that has taught me means I now have the knowledge to care for my back if it starts to grumble. I can’t recommend Clever Movement Physio & Pilates highly enough. Jane’s depth of knowledge and approachable teaching style make her classes the most effective and useful pilates classes I’ve ever attended.

I had problems with my hip and lower back, which were also giving me knee problems. The exercises Jane gave me, along with her weekly classes, mean I am no longer in constant pain and can now manage my condition. I play a lot of tennis which is hard on the body coupled with a desk job. I highly recommend Jane to help with aches and pains caused by both sport and work life.


I’ve been attending Janes Pilates classes for 3 years and have less back pain and better movement as a consequence. The classes are fun, varied and you can find your own level to work at. The mix of low & high loading exercise is good for both the mind and body. I highly recommend you join a class, pilates is most definitely for men and women.


I have received individual physiotherapy help from Jane and subsequently attended her pilates classes for some years. I have found her most informative and helpful, and she has been instrumental in helping me to incorporate smart pilates moves into my everyday life to help deal with what is a chronic condition.


Thanks to attending Jane’s Pilates classes over the years, it has become an ingrained habit for me to check over my posture as I go about my daily life. My core is so much stronger since attending the classes, making my body feel much happier. Just becoming aware of my body (and how it cheats when moving) was such a great help.


Jane is always the consummate professional. She is kind, thoughtful, and knowledgeable and is able to tailor exercises to suit the person’s needs and ability. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to others for individual assessment and treatment, as well as her classes.


Jane’s instruction are always very precise and I definitely have a stronger core and better posture as a result of attending her classes.


Jane is a highly professional pilates teacher. She plans classes carefully to meet the needs of the participants and makes sessions both fun and challenging.


I am so pleased that I’ve started coming to Jane’s pilates classes. They are so enjoyable and achievable, I never thought I’d be able to say that about exercise.


Jane is an inspiring teacher who manages her classes with care and consideration for the different levels of fitness of all the participants. I have learned a lot about my body and appreciate her ability to give information with care and compassion.

I started classes with Jane in 2015 and very quickly went to two classes a week. My stability and strength have really benefited. Jane’s teaching is clear and she has the ability to tailor the exercise to individuals needs. The classes are friendly and Jane’s humour keeps us going through the hard work.


I’ve been attending Jane’s pilates classes for nearly 3 years now and they’ve really helped improve my core stability and strength. Jane is very knowledgeable, positive and engaging. She does insist on quality movement but always with a good sense of fun.


I went to Jane for one to one sessions in 2014 when my lower back was in bad way, and not responding to other treatments. She patiently showed me how to correct my shift and move differently. Within a matter of days my back was significantly better. I have been doing Pilates with Jane ever since and firmly believe her approach, which involves me learning how to manage my body, and mind, has kept my back pain free for the last six years.


I really appreciated the care Jane took to assess my back problems and to provide a manageable and clear exercise programme. I felt I was in very good hands. She clearly draws on a lot of experience and knowledge, and is motivated by kindness and compassion as well as a love for her vocation.


I first started Jane’s pilates class after having two major operations within six months, which had left me feeling unfit and generally run down. I hoped to find a way of regaining my physical strength and Jane’s classes did all that and so much more. The exercises are done within a framework that also stresses the importance of both effective breathing and relaxation. Jane’s emphasis on listening to my body, working with my new limitations and being kind to myself, was exactly what I needed.


Jane’s pilates classes have transformed my back and mobility within just a few short weeks.